The Dotty House little shop is going from strength to strength and we’re loving finding new products and meeting our lovely customers. We want to replicate the same interest to our website and have been told that the best way forward is blogging regularly! So here we are – we’re going to attempt to become blogger extraordinaires.


springtime competition


Ang and I love working together putting the world to rights while running our business, so we’re going to blog about the same things we discuss on a daily basis. What’s new for shoppers out there, the stresses of owning your own business, having kids, relationships and life in general. We’ll chat about what’s happening in the North East from the fabulous places to go locally to moans about places we’ve been that aren’t so good. We’d love it if you would join us in our chirpy weekly diary of what’s happening in our lives.


So a bit of an introduction to the people behind The Dotty House.

Photo of Sarah


I’m Sarah Marshall (yep there’s no forgetting me – for all you film buffs out there) I’m a forty something mother of two, Sophie 18 and Ben 16 – one about to do A’levels and the other GCSE’s so it’ll be fun in my house for a couple of months! The other permanent member of the family is the gorgeous Milo – my lovely very intelligent but equally thick Spanish Water Dog. Finally my fella Stevie Steve, not a permanent fixture in the Marshall household – we don’t live together, but he keeps me as sane as a menopausal business owner can be. A friend of ours (Ang’s partner Charlie) has said I’m the most normal woman he knows, however has backed that up with all the women he knows do happen to be mental though?!


Current stresses are (other than pending exam time) selling my house, my new house being ready in time for the big move in 8 weeks?! (the fabulous Steve is building it at this very moment), however we don’t have a kitchen shell at the moment never mind somewhere to cook. The house however is looking gorgeous J Further less stressful stresses are, Planning the housewarming party! And finally where to go on holiday once the house has been built and we’ve settled in (not really a bad stress to have.)


Favourite item currently in stock at The Dotty House from Vineyard candles, and the Teal and Stone throw from Tutti. Would love to have both in my new living room!


Things I love – family and fella obviously, Milo, Low Fell and the North East in general, owning a shop with my bezzy mate Ang, and singing - I’m in a fantastic choir – we recently sang with Russell Watson when his tour came to the North East, and I loved every minute of it. (I'm right at the back)



Angela will introduce herself in our next blog – so that you get a background of both of us and hopefully will generate some interest in who we are, what we do, and share our chat.