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Calm & Unwind Soya Wax Melts Gift Set


A collection of fragrances to help ease tension, stress and anxiety.

Ten gorgeous calm and unwind collection soya wax melts presented in a stylish gift box.

Why not add a beautiful burner to make a gift set which includes 10 wax melts, burner, tealights and a gift bag.

These beautiful handmade soya wax melts have the most amazing fragrance. 100% natural, they have a fragrance time of at least 20 hours each and the scent from them really does fill the room.

The melts come in a plastic free box and they are made with vegan products. A beautiful and environmentally friendly gift.


English Rose – Fresh, floral, English garden. Reminiscent of crushing rose petals into perfume as a child. Fresh floral rose is perfect to calm your mind and balance your mood.

English Lavender – Floral, relaxing, calming. Punchy strong lavender will help ease worries and calm your mind.  Full of essential oils to aid sleep.

Bergamot Vebena- Citrus, floral, uplifting. A wonderfully sophisticated and fresh uplifting fragrance. Perfect for any room.

Jasmine & Lime – Sweet, floral, citrus. Sweet foral Jasmine and zesty lime will bring vibes of being in warmer climates and fill your home with a fresh clean feminine fragrance

Patchouli – Musky, earthy, exotic aroma. In Eastern cultures, it is commonly used around the house to provide general support for health and to help release negative emotions. Full of essential oils.

Pick your wax melt fragrance

Sea Breeze, Bergamot Verbena, Jasmine & Lime, Orange Lime & Basil, Mediterranean Fig


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