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Soya Wax Melts Gift Box


Ten gorgeous soya wax melts presented in a stylish gift box. At least one each of the fragrances, Sea Breeze, Jasmine & Lime, Bergamot Verbena, Mediterranean Fig and Orange, Lime & Basil, Clean Laundry, Coconut and Sea Salt, Pomegranate Black, Sage Pomegranate and Eucalyptus, Sweet Pea.

Why not add a beautiful white, cut out star burner to make a gift set which includes 10 wax melts, burner, tealights and a gift bag.

These beautiful handmade soya wax melts have the most amazing fragrance. 100% natural, they have a fragrance time of at least 20 hours each and the scent from them really does fill the room.

The melts come in a plastic free box and they are made with vegan products. A beautiful and environmentally friendly gift.


Sea Breeze – A clean, fresh scent with salty undertones. Transport yourself to the seaside.

Orange, Lime & Basil – Uplifting citrus with gorgeous musky lower tones makes this a sophisticated fragrance for any room.

Mediterranean Fig – A rich, fruity fragrance that is reminiscent of Italy on a hot sunny day, fig trees with green undertones and a sophisticated warm fragrance.

Jasmine & Lime – Utilising the powerful floral fragrance of the Jasmine flower to bring you a wonderfully fresh, floral soya wax melt. Strong floral elements with zingy lime to add depth and freshness.

Bergamot Verbena – Strong citrus with undertones of floral. A very fresh fragrance with sophisticated tones for summer.

Sage, Pomegranate & Eucalyptus –  Botanical sage & fruity pomegranate with deep musk undertones combined with Eucalyptus creates the perfect spa fragrance.

Pomegranate Black – Full of complicated layers, musky undertones paired with fruity high notes.

Sweet Pea – A romantic, sweet, floral fragrance. Subtle yet beautiful.

Coconut & Sea Salt – A fresh mix of coconut, floral tones and sea salt; transport yourself to tropical climates.

Clean Laundry – Bring the smell of freshly washed laundry to each room with this commanding and welcoming fragrance.

Pick your wax melt fragrance

Sea Breeze, Bergamot Verbena, Jasmine & Lime, Orange Lime & Basil, Mediterranean Fig


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