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Orbitkey Key Organiser


Transform your keys into a beautiful and silent stack.


The Orbitkey is a clever way of organising your keys for better living, therefore making it a brilliantly designed gift.

You have your keys with you wherever you go, so having an organiser is practical as well as stylish. The Orbitkey Key Organiser helps to eliminate key jingles, scratches and the bulk of conventional keyrings. Designed with you in mind, the key organiser has been carefully considered. It has also been developed with the purpose of making things easier for you.

The Orbitkey Key Organiser is made with the best quality soft touch materials. It has been complemented with durable custom designed hardware. With a large selection of colours in the classic leather range, you’re sure to find one that suits you best.

The main features of the Orbitkey Key Organiser is that it can hold between 2 and 7 keys. It can also hold your car key on the D ring at the bottom of the organiser. Finally you can pair it with some of Orbitkey’s accessories, which include a bottle opener, multi tool and USB stick.

Described by some of our customers as compact and sleek. Others say that the Orbitkey Key Organiser is small, easy to use and does keep keys from getting caught, making noise or scratching things.

The organiser has been designed by a small team of creative and passionate organisers based in Australia.


Black, Brown, Charcoal Grey, Chestnut Brown, Cognac Tan, Espresso Brown, Forest Green, Maple Red, Marine Blue, Navy Tan, Stone and Rose Gold


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