When other businesses are downsizing following recent difficult times, The Dotty House is expanding and we are opening our 1st retail outlet in lovely Low Fell in Gateshead. Our on line shop has been up and running for almost 10 years and has recently had a complete revamp. We decided that our products and the other stock that we sell is worthy of people seeing them and buying them in the flesh so we took the opportunity to take a vacant premises. It was in need of a special revamp but our budget was tight, so we planned to recycle as much as we can so that we could spend our budget on gorgeous stock.

We started by rippping the whole shop apart with the help of the man they call 'Ladderman!!' Then a trip to every dumping ground we could find to see what we could gather to recycle. Cable reels, old crates and metal electrical poles made the shelving for our recycled vision. But we were sanding for England for quite a while.

It started to come together and we became fantastic upcyclers. The stock started to come in and the excitement started to build.

Every day there has been a huge change. We have our brick counter, our crates for shelving up on the walls and our fabulous cable reels became the best shelving. Not only were we getting excited but passers by were intrigued and interest in what was happening with 'The Corner Shop' was building!

Then the finishing touches! We were quoted £800 for our shop signs which we just didn't have - so we decided it couldn't be too hard to make our own. A couple of days spent up a ladder painting spots for our 'Dotty House' - our logo printed as giant sized stickers, stuck them on giant perspex, and with a little help from 'Ladderman' Hey presto our fabulous statement sign - telling everyone what 'The Corner Shop' had become.

'The Dotty House' gift shop will be open to customers on 2nd October from 9.30 a.m. until 9.00 p.m. when we will have a special celebration 'Launch Party'. So our next Blog will be all about the Launch day with load of pics - Keep watching!