As everyone knows there are advantages to doing your weekly shopping at a supermarket, mainly the fact that you can get everything in the one place.

There are however huge advantages to your local community as a whole by shopping local, eating local and spending local. The value our independent retailers contribute to our communities and our local economy has been proven. Statistics show that for every £1 spent with a local, independent business, between 50p - 70p circulates back into that local economy.


Buying locally supports local traders, their suppliers and the people they depend on to run their businesses. Spending locally increases the local economy, rebuilding confidence in the community, helping local businesses to prosper and grow. 

Shopping in the supermarket might save you time and sometimes save money, but for every £1 spent in a supermarket, approximately 5p trickles back into the local economy. And shopping locally is alot more fun! You meet more people, talk about the local area and find out more about what is happening in your commuity. All in all you'll get great service and its a nicer experience.

shop local

Whether you are spending your money in local shops, cafes, hairdressers, restaurants or pubs you're doing your bit to keep your town or village 'open for business'. If you don't use it, there's a chance that you might 'lose it'.

When you shop, eat or socialise locally you develop greater relationships with people. You become 'regulars' and your local fruit shop might give you an extra onion, your butcher might recommend how to cook a piece of meat, your favourite restaurant might give you an extra after dinner liqueur. You may not get the multi buy offers that you can get from a supermarket, but more often than not they are items that you don't really want, and go off in the bottom of your fridge.


It has also been proven that areas that have thriving local businesses results in the increase of house prices in that local area. Research by American Express found that house prices near vibrant shopping areas filled with independent shops have risen by an average of £40,000 more over the past decade than other properties.

All in all - if you SHOP LOCAL, EAT LOCAL, SPEND LOCAL & ENJOY LOCAL - you are in fact building your community.