The day arrives and your beautiful bundle of joy has come into the world. You've thought long and hard about what to call your baby and if you're anything like me came up with a number of possibles, mainly in the later weeks of pregnancy prompted by the titles at the end of tv programmes. My kids could have been called after many of the characters in ER, and Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey were all contenders (Although we did rule out Monica and Chandler!!).

The moment arrives and you have to make a choice - but will it be the right choice? What if the baby doesn't suit the name, what if you make a huge mistake and your child is lumbered with the name for the rest of their life?!

Maybe other people won't agree with you calling your precious new baby LUCIFER, or understand why you named your twins after your favourite curry - ROGAN & JOSH (both of these are serious names that people have attempted to call their babies). Will your child hate you for the rest of your life for giving them the name STOMPIE? What will the neighbours think when you're at the back door calling - POCAHONTAS MARIE TEAS READY! (Again these are not made up names!) Its so important to make the right choices so heres some suggestions for you.


      Abigail Holy cow canvas


These are the most popular names in 2014 from National research - The Dotty House has its own top 10 of most popular names from personalised orders so we've put these in brackets alongside the national research

                   1.  Amelia (Sophie)                                                         1.  Harry (Harry)

                   2.  Olivia (Isla)                                                                 2.  Oliver (Oliver)

                   3.  Jessica (Emily)                                                          3.  Jack (Jack)

                   4.  Emily (Amelia)                                                           4.  Charlie (Samuel)

                   5.  Lily (Ava)                                                                    5.  Jacob (William)

                   6.  Ava (Abigail)                                                              6.  Thomas (Charlie)

                   7.  Mia (Charlotte)                                                          7.  Alfie (Zach)

                   8.  Isla (Sophia)                                                               8.  Riley (James)

                   9.  Sophie (Olivia)                                                           9.  William (Matthew)

                  10. Isabella (Ella)                                                            10. James (Joseph)


Harry Rocket canvas


For those who want something a little different for their newborn - the following names are some of the more unusual requests that we have had for our canvases



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