social media madness

We all love to shop for nice things – even our protesting menfolk, and in years gone by when you needed or wanted something, you looked up where to get it from and went wherever you could by it. When The Dotty House came to fruition we developed a fab range of Personalised Canvases for kids. We had a great product, sold to a number of shops, where lovely loyal customers came back time and time again. Our sales increased through word of mouth and recommendations from friends and families, spreading the word naturally. It was Fantastic!

Then along came the rapid increase of WEBSITES! Where we could look at more gorgeous stuff and have more choice of what to buy. The internet was and still is in its own way a wonderful thing. HOWEVER – along with all of the gorgeous stuff and fantastic useful information comes a whole load of utter rubbish! You have to sift through all of that irrelevant rubbish to find the things you want. Then when you have found all of the “3 bedroom holiday cottages to rent in the Lake District” you spend a week trying to whittle through them until you get so fed up with looking, that you change your mind to a weekend in Norfolk – a recommendation from your mate.

Eventually The Dotty House ventured into the world of WEBSITES developing our own on line shop, where we could share our lovely products. Our canvases were out there on the World Wide Web and our sales went up both in the UKand abroad – We were on the Up! HOWEVER along with all our wonderful punters came a whole host of COPYCATS! And not just the ones that copied our ideas but blatantly copied our actual designs and techniques. We made ours by hand in the UK – theirs were made abroad in mass quantities. HOWEVER ours were better and our customer service and determination not to be pushed out of OUR market – helped us succeed and thankfully they failed. Our latest copycats (and you know who you are!) BE WARNED – we will be better than you too!! As with Ugg boots and Crocs it will happen to any business that has a great idea – unfortunately jealousy and a lack of imagination will result in others copying you. Take our advice – BE BETTER!!

So our website and sales tootled along for 8 years or so, with our orders based on recommendations and our lovely loyal customers continuing to come back to us over and over again.

Then along came Bookface, Twotter, Puntrest, Instaglum, Latchedon, Tootsuite, Bobo, Flunkr, Shyspace, Bumblr to name but a few of the sites that really do cause my SOCIAL MEDIA MADNESS!! Today I even got a reminder to check my Friends Reunited page. 

We do the sharing, liking, pinning, snapping, linking, tweeting, networking, following, hashtagging and more recently BLOGGING. Its fun, exciting and completely addictive and you could spend every waking moment glued to your laptop, Ipad or phone, watching how many followers, pinners, sharers, and likers you have, HOWEVER does it really bring in the punters?

In a world where there’s so much nice stuff out there, with some retail websites that have 78573 items under personalised gifts alone, and with the copycats and price cutters – can you really make a business and why would people come to us?!? 

Well technology changes and new ideas come into place but like our good old days – people will always recommend us and our loyal customers will always return. – HOWEVER – we will stick with the Social Networking because although it drives us COMPLETELY INSANE and we’ll never fully understand it, and even if we did someone somewhere will change the rules! (and this is our last HOWEVER) We actually would be lost without it!

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