I bet you have loads of scarves. I do and I feel no guilt about it!

I firmly believe a scarf can completely transform your look. No need for a new winter coat, a new scarf will do the job.

                                    Winter Scarf                                     Autumn Scarf 

This Autumn we have turned to our favourite local jewellery supplier, Tutti and Co, for our scarf collection. We love, not only the look, but also the luxurious feel of their scarves. Although made of 100% cotton these gorgeous striped scarves really do feel like a fine pashmina, you can't help but stroke them. We are also loving the size, they're over 2 meters long and more than a half a meter wide, that's a whole lotta scarf!

We've gone with a really smart navy and grey combination and a classic black and grey stripe that will go with just about anything. 

Throw yourself into Autumn and indulge yourself with one of these beautiful scarves.